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Update: Tanner Store - Pam Gunter

It has been one year since the Morgan County Tourism Alliance purchased the Tanner Store so it is time for an update.

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who has supported us this past year whether it is through the Tanner TakeOuts that are on the first Thursday of each month, or by stopping by with encouragement and/or volunteer hours for a special need. The community has been wonderful with their support which is what we need to continue making this store something of which to be proud.

As we began the restoration/revitalization of the Tanner Store, our first consideration, before anything was even started, was installing a new roof to eliminate the water leaks. That was completed in February 2020.

The second consideration was the status of the store from an historic perspective. The store is on the National Register for Historic Places which, in turn, places some restrictions on any exterior structural changes.

The third consideration was the requirements from the State of Tennessee to open the store to the public. Bathrooms (2 total, 1 ADA compliant) required new plumbing and structuring as did the kitchen area for sinks and wash stations. Electrical had to be updated throughout the building to meet code and that project is currently underway.

A grant was written to help pay for a central HVAC system and we are hoping for the grant to cover 60% of that cost. Estimates have been gathered and submitted for consideration.

Other improvements are as follows:

· Stabilizing the smaller side of the store by painting and repairing walls, ceilings and covering the floor.

· The vault which is a centerpiece of that room has been refinished, painted and detailed to make it really important to the history of that room.

· Interior door purchased.

· Contacted company for replacing windows that are currently boarded.

· Replaced and reinforced floor joists in several areas of the large room.

The progress seems slow but and it may look like a disaster construction zone, but once it is done, it will be done correctly. The country charm will be added in as the interior design begins to develop.

Thank you all for your support. We hope to have some sort of service (like ice cream) available by summer, but that mostly depends on how the work schedule evolves.

Morgan County Tourism Alliance

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