Featuring over 250 miles of trails meandering through our nearly 100,000 acres of parks and with Wartburg, our County Seat designated the only trail city on the Cumberland Trail, Morgan County is known as a great place for hiking and offers dozens of hiking opportunities for hikers of all ages and abilities.


In fact, we’ve got our own hiking group, Hike Moco that organizes, sponsors and facilitates individual hikes and hiking marathons throughout the year and is a great way to get started on your natural adventures.


Dedicated to leaving no person behind, Hike Moco welcomes hikers of all experience levels and paces and encourages everyone to get out and hike to enjoy our two National and four State Parks and Natural Areas.


Hikes range from the easy and flat Lilly Overlook Trail at Obed and Storybook Trail at Frozen Head to the difficult and challenging Obed River Segment of the Cumberland Trail and the Chimney Top Trail at Frozen Head.


If your up for a real elite challenge, Frozen Head is also the home of the infamous Barkley Marathon and Barkley Fall Classic Marathon noted for their extreme difficulty and low completion rates. We’re fortunate that we’re able to traverse some of the same terrain under somewhat better conditions and slower paces the rest of the year.

Lower Melton Falls - E. Howard

Frozen Head - Hike Moco  - E. Howard

Coyote Point- Lone Mountain - E. Howard

Point Trail  Lilly Bluff  - E. Howard

White Oak Creek - Rugby - J. Chevalier

Debord Falls - Terry Futrell

Cumberland Trail Creek - P. Gunter

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