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In Morgan County 

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A slow-paced location, away from the busy lives we live, offers a chance to take a deep breath and see the beauty of life before us.  Morgan County offers that very scenario and has always considered itself a hidden gem, a place of beauty often not seen primarily because it is off the beaten path, away from the interstates, away from airports, away from any amount of hustle and bustle.  Take the challenge to find this laid-back way of life and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Find your ATV fun spot at Golby, Winrock or nearby Brimstone.
David_FallTral_2020-10-08 (1).jpg

Cathy Howard

Take a walk among the huge trees at Frozen Head State Park and find your peace!
Bridge Trail Fun - E.  Howard.jpg

Erin Howard

Take your best friend with you for a splash in the cool clear water off the Bridge Trail at Lilly Bluff.
Meeting of the Waters.jpg
Take a hike and go back in time to the Meeting of the Waters in Historic Rugby. 
Winning Landscape near Wartburg - Sumer
Find the perfect spot for an award winning photo, as Sumer Newport did!
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