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BREWERIES & Distillary

If you are thirsty for a cool brew, brewed coffee, or moonshine, you have come to the right place.  From an historic  prison, to a hopyard brewery right next to the Obed Wild and Scenic river and lastly  the newest business that serves up brew and coffee!


While Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary likely had a long history of illicit alcohol production within its walls, nowadays it’s Government sanctioned (and taxed) and you can get a taste of it in their tasting room or take home a few bottles of their signature moonshines, Frozen Head Vodka, and other distilled spirits. The gift shop also offers a wide assortment of cups and glasses and you can even get one of the bottles personalized by an etching service available on site

lilly pad and big.JPG

When you first arrive at Lilly Pad Hopyard Brewery, you might wonder if you didn’t just arrive at a friend’s backyard party. The rustic brewery tucked away in the woods near Lilly Bridge and the Obed Wild and Scenic River also functions as a tent campground.

The Sauced Frog eatery, live music venue and gift shop. Warm up around the campfire, watch the game on their big screen TV or play corn hole or other games and share a few signature brews made on site and often with ingredients harvested on the property. You’ll also very likely make friends with proprietors, Del and Marte Scruggs, their friendly staff or the hikers, climbers, kayakers, locals or campers that frequent the brewery.

moco brewing project bar.jpg

The MoCo Brewing Project is Morgan County’s latest brewery and will be offering several signature beers named and influenced by local landmarks, proudly depicted by beautiful photography adorning the walls. 


In addition to brewing beer, owners Matt and Emily Graber  also brew coffee and offer a wide array of flavored coffee beverages and hot chocolate. Depending on the day or night, guests can dine from a rotating fleet of food trucks that pull up and offer their own dining specialties. They also host crafting classes, yoga, comedy and musical acts to teach, condition or entertain you while you enjoy the beverage of your choice.

Beer Barn2.jpg

Brothers Brian and Brandon Lester’s dream of running a brewery has come to fruition on their family farm in Petros off Cassell Road. Featuring a hand-built bar and rustic picnic tables, the brewery offers unobstructed views of nearby mountains from the hilltop barn in the midst of a sprawling farm field. Featuring only beers brewed on-site, the brothers hope to one day grow many of the ingredients used in the brews on the farm.  

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