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Michelle and Branden Dillon moved into Morgan County in 2019 with the desire to start an 1800’s style farm like their great grandparents had where you grow what you need and sell the excess.


Their small regenerative agriculture farm, located at 3405 Knoxville Highway is operated following the all-natural and sustainable practices espoused by famed farmer Joel Salatin.


The family currently has pigs, goats and chickens and grows many vegetables on the 14-acre farm. They hope to continue to make improvements and expand their operations. They have learned much in establishing their farm and want to turn around and give that knowledge to others who might need 

dillon farms.jpg

In addition to the farm, the couple also stays busy raising three children and their pets. “We welcome people to come out and see how we do it, why we do it and what we feed our animals,” Michelle said, adding, “Pet a pig!” Free Farm Tours can be scheduled via Facebook or calling the farm, which also sells meat, eggs and vegetables. They also set up at the Morgan County Farmer’s Market Friday afternoons 3-6 pm and Saturday mornings from 9-12 am.


Everybody is welcome to come out and do a free farm tour!

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