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Hike MoCo
Who We Are -  What We Do

Founded February 28, 2017, Hike MoCo is an entity of the Morgan County Tourism Alliance (MCTA), sponsor of the Tennessee Mountain Laurel Hiking Marathons (TNMLHM).  Using Facebook as our primary platform, Hike MoCo organizes seasonal hiking events in addition to the TNMLHM such as Summer Hike & Swim, Fall Frenzy, and Winter Waterfall Wander.  Hike MoCo members network within the Facebook group to meet up for hikes, share pictures, trail information, gear information, park events, and other information related to outdoor activities.


Morgan County is honored to be home to Big South Fork National Park (including the Sheltowee Trace), Cumberland Trail State Park, Frozen Head State Park, Lone Mountain State Forest, Obed Wild & Scenic River National Park, and Rugby State Natural Area, providing approximately 300 miles of hiking trails.  While the majority of the group adventures are in Morgan County, we also venture beyond MoCo borders to explore the vast beauty within Tennessee.


If hiking MoCo piques your interest, please contact us at or join us on Facebook by searching "Hike MoCo". 

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