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Obed Wild & Scenic River

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Railroad tunnel -  S. Newport
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Obed Wild and Scenic River’s 5000 acres of pristine wilderness offers outstanding opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities.


Hike over 20 miles of trails of various difficulty levels to explore overlooks, waterfalls and rock outcrops while observing the flora and fauna of the Cumberland Plateau.


Rock climbers of all experience levels can hone their skills on the many cliffs and boulders above the river while kayakers, white water rafters and scuba divers navigate the waters below.


At Nemo Access, walk across a 1930’s era bridge that sits beside the modern concrete structure that replaced it. The nearby abandoned railroad tunnel #24 gives Jeeps and trucks a unique opportunity to drive through the often-flooded passageway.


Your visit doesn’t have to end at sunset as the Obed is a designated Dark Sky sites offering crystal clear views of the nighttime sky free of the light pollution that is so prevalent in modern times.

Nemo tunnel - G. Hawver
Nemo bridge - J. Cheverlier



Night Skies – One of only 2 Dark Sky Sites in Tennessee (here and Pickett/Pogue State Parks)

Rock Climbing/Bouldering

Lilly Bluff

Nemo Bridge

Nemo Tunnel

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