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Summer Water Fun - George Hawver

When the temperatures climb and the humidity wraps around you like a warm blanket but you still want to get outside in the fresh air yet stay as cool as possible, getting in one of Morgan County’s several waterways is the way to do it. While there are several swimming holes throughout the county that allow you to swim and soak, sometimes floating down the river to enjoy ever-changing scenery is preferable.

An expensive boat, canoe or kayak is not required and the price of admission for tubing on the river is just an inexpensive river tube found at most discount stores or online or even a repurposed truck tire inner tube.

One of the most popular places to tube is the Nemo Bridge area of the Emory River. A short hike up river allows for a peaceful float downriver (depending on waterflow) and allows getting out of the water at the parking area above the bridge or continue downstream and walk a short distance back to parking area. Depending on the amount of recent rain, sometimes the flow is insufficient to propel the tuber over the rocks that create a gentle Class I or II rapids, but it is easy to get up and walk to deeper waters before continuing your downstream journey.

Below the bridge is a small Class III rapid that is easy to float through the main channel (be mindful of unsecured articles like hats and glasses). For a longer float, continue downstream for approximately 5.7 miles and take out at Camp Austin Bridge (wise to coordinate someone to pick you up and shuttle you back to the parking area at Nemo). If you still haven’t had enough, head down to Oakdale for a longer 9.2 mile total trip with the same caveat to have someone pick you up and return you to your vehicle.

It is always a good idea to check the water levels as too low makes for a slow and frequently interrupted float and too high a flow after a big rain could be dangerous. Even though you are surrounded by water, it is important to bring water and stay hydrated and wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen for safety. Children should always wear a Coast Guard-approved flotation vest and adults who are not strong swimmers should do the same.

Another popular tubing spot is near Gentlemen’s Swimming Hole in the Clear Fork River. What are your favorite places to cool off and float in Morgan County?

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