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Dogwood Trail in Morgan County

Easter and Dogwoods

Dogwoods are a sign of Spring and are a part of many Easter memories. The dogwood trees represent the hope of renewed life that Spring brings. They symbolize the Easter story with their flower-like leaves that tell the story of Christ. It goes like this:

“The tree was the source of the wood for the cross of Jesus. Because of this, God both cursed and blessed the Dogwood. For the curse, it would remain small, never again used for crucifixion. God also blessed the tree, and from that time on it produced the flowers just in time to celebrate the resurrection. The Dogwood flowers now form the shape of a cross. The tips of each petal dent inwards as if they contain a nail print. Then there are the colors of the petals, which according to legend represent the blood spilled during the crucifixion.”

Did you know that an attempt was made to create a Dogwood Trail through Morgan County in the late 1930’s?

Every year tourists would pass along the highway (US 27) by the thousands. Why not give them something to remember, and incidentally entice them, and perhaps thousands of others from neighboring counties, to stop while with us at the height of the blossom season? The Dogwood Trail would be one that tourists come back every year to see - visitors coming from hundreds of miles away to get a sight of the spectacle.

Garden clubs, filling station and tourist camp owners, and other businessmen, were encouraged to not sit back and wait for the other fellow. The Sunbright Business Men’s Club, at the urging of the Sunbright Garden Club, were the first - and only - to respond to the challenge. In two days they set out approximately 175 dogwood trees along the property line on each side of the highway adjoining and through Sunbright. What a sight that would’ve been had these trees lined our roads through Morgan County.

As you celebrate this Easter while enjoying a meal of ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese - along with several different desserts to choose from - after church services and egg hunts, be sure to remember to pass along the story of the Dogwood tree and it’s blooms to those gathered around the table.

‘Til next time,

Emeline Bluestocking

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