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WEEK OF RIVERS - Linda Brooks Jones

Thirty-one years ago, Juanita Guinn organized the first Week of Rivers here in Morgan County. April being the chosen time with the expectation of rain and runnable water levels. Miss Juanita has taken the paddlers on the various rivers in our area experiencing all levels of paddling from beginning paddlers to the more skilled. Grey Gables (Rugby, TN) owner, Linda Brooks Jones has provided the breakfast, packed their lunch, had a hardy meal ready upon return from the river excursion and a comfortable bed to rest their tired bodies. In later years, Kirk Eddlemon of Ace Kayaking School has joined the venture bringing his expertise to guide the aquatic adventures.

Starting with one Week of Rivers it has grown to three weeks. Each week bringing different people from all areas of the country to paddle the challenging whitewater of the Big South Fork, Obed Wild and Scenic River and surrounding paddling water.

Throughout the year when rain comes so come the paddlers. If you are a hiker, you might get a glimpse of the kayaks and canoes as they go swiftly down the water.

Juanita’s husband Roy was co-founder of Blue Hole Canoe and later Dagger Canoe Company and live in Morgan County.

Kirk guides throughout the United States and has written “Whitewater of The Southern Appalachians” with breathtaking photography. Thanks Kirk for providing these awesome week of rivers photos!

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