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Moving Forward as Time Changes

This time of year we are all eagerly looking forward to Springtime when our clocks spring forward and we can all get outside and see our beautiful county, but that is not what this blog is about. It is about moving forward in Social Media with the changes that are happening around us.

Recently three of our volunteers attended a meeting in Nashville and came back with some good news for tourism. We hope to have information out soon on that. They also learned, what we, as Morgan County Tourism Alliance, can do to further our social media footprint! It was great to hear we are doing many thing right, but we still need to do more.

Things in social media are changing so quickly that we, on our website, Facebook pages and all social media, have to keep up with the industry or we will fall behind.

Always trying to move forward, we will be making changes on our website and beginning today, we added our tourism brochures to the site. We presently have two brochures, designed by our MCTA volunteers: See Morgan County, TN and Waterfalls, Rivers and Trails. You may have one or you may have never known they are available, but they are available to you now to read on our website. Printed brochures are located presently at the Morgan County Visitor Center, along with our Tennessee Mountain Laurel Rack Cards.

Brochures are located at under the menu item: Brochures. The brochures are so large that we had to make 2 pages for each of the brochures. When you open them up, make sure you go to your wide screen to view these.

We are also planning an email campaign/newsletter periodically throughout the year. Our first one will be out soon. We hope you sign up to receive these important messages regarding tourism in Morgan County. These newsletters will have upcoming events and links to lodging and more!

We thank you for your support, for coming to our events, reading our posts and volunteering your time when asked. Please join us when you can. We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the conference room of PEC . We would love to meet you.

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