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Jody Zorsch, MCTA member, walks across Tennessee!

Way to go Jody! Even though this is a virtual race, the miles are real! Here is Jody's story in her own words.

It was started by Lazarous Lake – aka Gary Cantrell, because other races had been cancelled due to covid19.     I saw it posted/mentioned in the Barkley Fall Classic face group and signed up on a whim – not knowing if I’d be able to complete it in 4 months, much to my surprise I completed it in 78 days.  I have now signed up for the BAT – although I don’t think I’ll make it all the way back across TN – I am going for the 1,000 mile pin.  As of yesterdays miles I’m at 814.9 miles completed.  

I got 3 friends from high school in Michigan to sign up and a friend/co-worker who lives in Cumberland county.   Laz is talking about doing a virtual walk across America that would start Jan 1, 2021 and go until Dec 31, 2021 – I’ve got about 10 people interested in signing up for that.     Once completing the original race you get a medal, a sticker and a finish certificate.

The race started May 1st & goes until Aug 31.  Over 22,000 people from around the world have signed up.   It started as a virtual race across TN, then so many were completing it so quickly (1000 KM, 635 miles) that they added BAT – back across Tennessee.   Then he added buzzards to keep ahead of.  It’s been a lot of fun and the Facebook group has been inspiring.  It’s been amazing to see the journey/stories/photos of the participants from around the globe.  So many people were signing up their dogs for the race – that Laz created a dog category – with money being raised for animal shelters in TN.  True to his giving spirit – money from the race is raising money for Feeding America /food pantries in TN and the “store” where we can buy race gear (shirts, mugs, etc) is helping raise money for child development center of Coffee, Franklin & Moore counties.

Laz is also currently signing up for his next great virtual adventure – a team event – a virtual race circumventing the globe!  It’s ambitious!  It starts Sept 1 & goes through 12/31/2021.

For more info:

Map of the course:

Here is an article that was in the Tennessean:

Here is info from the race website:

The facebook group:  Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee:

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