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Highlights from MCTA Meeting - Marta Monroe

Meeting held on February 10, 2022

MCTA new members:

Sheila & Darrell Walker and Johnny Lay & Ethan Bible

They have all expressed interest in working with MCTA in whatever way they can help! Welcome!

TN Songwriters Week—De

  • Event held on Feb 5 seemed very well run and well attended.

  • 4 Solid winners will very well represent Morgan County at Bijou Theater

  • 2nd Round: Feb 21, 7 p at $20/person event ticket price

  • FB live videos by George Hawver have received multiple views

  • MCTA thanks MoCo Brewing Project for hosting the event. It was a great evening.

David Howard and George Hawver are the first customers served by Pam Gunter, cook. Well, the store isn't open yet and they aren't really customers, and Pam isn't really the official cook, all are but hard working MCTA volunteers. Looks like Pam was in the kitchen cooking up cheesburgers for our helpers!

Tanners Update: Pam Gunter

Soda Fountain—approx $6K for repair, but no one is returning with definite cost or plans

  • George H, David H, and Mike R have worked multiple hours the past 2 weeks completing much finish wood and tin work.

  • Kitchen Shower for kitchen tools and equipment planned by Marcella Darnell and Sara Goodman

  • Pam will explore the AmazonSmile program Gift registry for Kitchen shower

  • Cleaning Workday is planned when construction work is completed

Miles Marketing Grant—Brenda Duke

  • Brenda will view the video of the Feb 6 staff meeting /training for 2022 Google My Business sessions presented for staff and business partners

  • Grant training is being repeated for businesses in our area & notice is on FB and our website

  • We will be working on identifying special areas where we can improve the exposure of Morgan County with better photos, correct info, etc

For Your Pleasure Concert—David

  • Date June 4, 2022 (Concert Theme/Name??—David will determine

  • Band—Knox Country Collective—playing Mexican 2 step and line dancing music

  • Food—Tex Mex—George will explore with Los Doritos & War Pigs

  • Beer —Emily

  • Wine Tasting—Marta will explore with Winery @ 7 Springs Farms