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Do You remember?

- Emeline Bluestocking

Do you remember the small Country Store in your town? I remember the days of walking to stores such as these and how fun it was to use some change from the piggy bank to buy a soda or piece of candy. For some reason, it was such a special treat!

Inside Tanners Store after MCTA purchase.

The original social media - Country Stores - were regular gathering places for people of small communities. There still are some of these Country Stores in our small towns. And, some of these stores are being preserved today.

Tanners Store several years ago

One Morgan County store revival that is all abuzz is Tanners Store and Sundries in Wartburg. Ask any old timer and their memories will include, “going there after church for ice cream”. Tanners was known for their ice cream. Orange Pineapple, Black Cherry, Butter Pecan, Peach, to name a few. One could always ask Nick what flavors he had and he would ramble off the list of flavors by memory. And, you could get a triple scoop! Let’s not forget the soda fountain drinks such as Coke® floats and cherry Cokes®. And, you could always play a game of checkers while enjoying your sweet treat.

Tanners back in the day - Remember when?

Oh, and what about other items you could purchase? Fishing reels, rock candy (often used in homemade cold medicine), Anvil® brand blue jeans, a pair of Strawberry Shortcake® tennis shoes, and of course, whether you purchased or browsed, there were antiques and other collectibles. Add a pharmacy and a restaurant that serves coffee to sip while conversing and fried bologna sandwiches and burgers to the list. All of these attributes made this THE place to go in Wartburg.

Relationships were strengthened, information was shared, gossip was whispered, and through our Country Stores, communities grew stronger.

Until next time,

Emeline Bluestocking

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