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Circumpolar Race Around the World - by Jody Zorsch

Last spring, I happened across a post from the infamous Lazarus Lake of the Barkley

Marathons fame. He was putting together a virtual race across the state of Tennessee. It was called the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee (GVRAT) You walk/run where you live and you had from May 1st to August 31st to complete the 635 miles, which averaged out to just over 5 miles a day. You many have seen an earlier article in the MCTA blog about my time participating in that event.

Which brings me to the title of this article. The GVRAT was so successful – over 20,000 people from across the globe participated – that Lazarus Lake and his team have started another adventure that I have signed up for. The Circumpolar Race Around the World (CRAW). Teams will race 30,167 miles through 12 regions