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AAA Travel Expo Focus of MCTA's Monthly Meeting

AAA Travel Expo Columbus Ohio

At the monthly Morgan County Tourism Alliance Meeting last Thursday night, Mark Keck gave a report on his trip to the AAA Travel Expo. Over 12,000 people attended over 3-day period. Mark was very pleased with the interest visitors showed to our booth. They were very interested in what Mark had to show and tell, but the most interest in our booth came from the motorcycle map display and the Brushy Mountain Whiskey display!

He also noted that people from all over the world were set up showcasing their vacation spots, but a lot of attendees seemed to be looking for long weekend trips with camping or cabins. People are looking for places a few hours away where they will not be so tired when they arrive, but long enough to feel that they have been on a getaway. They are looking for cabins and camping areas. This is good news for Morgan County and MCTA as we are getting the news out about our county!

Other noted discussions at the meeting were:

TN Songwriters Competition:

DeAnn Kirgan and David Howard reported that the Songwriters' Audition was successful with

13 people who auditioned. We had 3 judges with great experiences. The four winners and 2 alternates will hear from the state Tourism Board where they will perform for the 2nd audition round—either at Bijou or Blake Shelton Theater. We hope to be able to host again next year!

For Your Pleasure Concert Series 2020

David Howard reported that a theme has been chosen for the September concert: Hot Rods & Car Hops—50’s band—market to custom car and hot rod owners.

Rugby Spur Trail from the Sheltowee Trace Trail—Mark

Request received from Rugby Trail team for $350 to help with excavator work to pack the gravel of the spur trail into Rugby. This trail was made from the 3 Star grant that Morgan County Received and MCTA helped work on. It was decided that in order to keep the trail in good shape that we would help again by giving $350 for the work. This trail will be of most importance once the Showtowee Trail hikers start coming into Rugby.

More on Trails:

• Concerned that with all the rain and damage to existing trails, the STA trail building from Burnt Mill to Brewster Bridge might not occur on schedule.

• David Howard reported that FHSP has lost rangers to other parks and Jacob has only 3 rangers remaining. He has applied to fill positions, but may need volunteers to assist with trail maintenance.

Mountain Laurel 5K Ridge Run - Mark

Last meeting these items, among others were discussed:

• Finishers will receive wood medallion circle with Mt Laurel stamp—

• Winners will receive a metal artwork mountain laurel

• Next meeting to be 2/20 6:30 pm @ PEC.

• Anthony Jones, CT mgr, Premier Therapy and Brian Young —helping with FA and medical problems

• Tanners Store Update—Pam Gunter

Chronic leakage caused damage to small area that needs to be replaced. Pam has contracted with a roofer to remove the existing roof and install a new one.

• Materials are to be donated by one person and the labor cost to be donated by another benefactor.

• Structural engineer inspected building on Sunday and discovered the foundation is VERY good/clean.

• He will write a report and it will be posted on the Tanner Store Website page.

• One area plagued by chronic leaks does need replacement on the bank side.

• Charles talking with Cookeville antique dealer and sale of merchandise tentatively planned for end of April

• Downtown Wartburg & Tanners HGTV video has had over 2000 views

• Interviews are posted on You Tube

TNMLF —Kickoff planning meeting last week with Responsible Persons identified

• Information Station—Brenda Duke, Juanita and Roy Guinn and Linda Brooks Jones

• Suggestion to buy umbrellas for decoration and re-sale

• Silent Auction-Janice Wilson

• Vendors—Pam Gunter

• Car Show—Marta

• Pet Event—Kristin Knight

• 5K Ridge Run ??

• BBQ Contest—Lynda Beeler/John Caddell—

• peoples choice award, and 3 judges for awards also—

• BBQ contest and also Wing eating contest around 2 or 3 pm.

• JohnBoy’s to provide trophies

• Donation Drawings—2 guns, 1 handmade quilt

• Carriage Ride—Marta & Pam

• Friday Night Concert—David Howard

• Saturday Entertainment—David Howard

• Photography contest—Sumer Newport

• Wine Tasting Tent—Marta

• Holes to Go (if we can find a sponsor—Linda Brooks Jones

• Kids Craft Table—Rose Molley

• Children’s Gun Safety with Drawing for Girl’s or Boys BB gun—Jerry and Jody Zorsch

CES Color Run—sponsored by PTA MCTA was asked for $100 sponsorship for funding—money to go for school security and safety improvements and members approved this very worthy cause!

Robotics tournament

CMS Saturday Feb 15—8a-5 p—300-400 people expected from all over the region. MCTA planned to set up booth and talk about all our county has to offer visitors.

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