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A Day at the festival

by John Hopper

Arvada, Colorado

Let's look back at 2022 through the eyes of John Hopper who visited Frozen Head during the Heritage Festival, Pistons at the Prison, and Tanners Historic Cafe last year and

enjoyed it so much that he wrote this poem. Thanks so much John and hope to see you back in Morgan County, Tennessee!

A Day At The Festival

Tennessee, Tennessee. What could be wrong with me?

Nuttin’ Honey. It’s a good place to be.

Tree log sawin’, holler men a hollerin”.

Frozen Head State Park, trails are scary after dark.

Bears a lurkin’.

Taters, bacon, onion soup.

Cast Iron cookin’.

What no ramps?

Well, there’s a reason. They are not in season.

String band strumming, fiddlers knees a thumpin’.

Your never know what’s a comin’.

Banjos, guitars, country blues echo in the pines.

Doc & Merle, RJ, and Hank.

Enough soul to fill your tank.

Locals in bibs, babies in cribs.

To the band, a two year old a prancin’.

Park Rangers buck dancin’.

Quilters working keeping all in stitches.

Halloween themes and lotsa witches.

Pam’s free moon pies at a table from Tanner’s.

In business since 1923, so watch your manners!

Tennessee game day.

Lots of Orange on display.

Lots of nice folks out to play.

It was a beautiful day.

These are my words.

John Hopper


October 2022

Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee

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