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Help get HGTV to come to Wartburg!

Show your love for the Tanner Building Restoration

Wouldn’t you love to see HGTV come to Wartburg and make over Tanner’s Store? Morgan County Tourism Alliance and downtown Wartburg need your help in showing our love for downtown Wartburg, specifically the Tanner store!

We need a large group of people who love Tanners Store to be a part of this exciting opportunity. All you need to do is come and have your photo/video made as a group and smile! Bring your friends and family! The more people we have, the more we can express our desire that we are needing HGTV to come to Wartburg. Let’s do this together!

We’ll be making photos and a short (2 minutes or less) video in front of Tanners Store on Sunday, February 2 at 2:30 pm. Please come and show your love for this special place in Wartburg!

Morgan County Tourism Alliance is applying for financial assistance with all the repairs needed by the Tanner Store. HGTV Application deadline is Feb 7.

Requirements for the HOMETOWN TAKEOVER TV SHOW are:

• towns with population less than 40,000—that is us!

• homes with great architecture longing to be revealed

• a Main street that needs a facelift

For more info on the Hometown Takeover TV Show:

Tanners Store, Wartburg, TN

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