Hike History and Build History

Marta Monroe and I attended the Cumberland Trail Level 1 Maintainer Course that Jacob led on Saturday February 25, 2017 @ 10AM.

We walked the Cumberland Trail behind the Visitor Center, it will be expanded by prisoners with a total of (6) miles, which the TNMLF will maintain and take care of (4) times a year. Jacob wanted to make sure we have that and not someone who isn't from the immediate area, because there are so many groups organized to take on the Cumberland Trail. We have the first 6 miles when completed behind the Morgan County Visitor Center, a definite historical accomplishment for TNMLF.

Also, anyone can join us to hike and maintain that (6)miles, they don't have to be a member of MCTA or TNMLF. It helps spread the word of promoting the Cumberland Trail. I really want to promote the Cumberland Trail at the Trade Shows. You can HIKE HISTORY AND BUILD HISTORY along with the CTC's map they have of whats done and whats yet to be done.

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