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MCTA promotes Morgan County

- Linda Brooks Jones

While the attendance at the 2022 Cookeville Trade Show was less than years before, the contacts made and information shared kept the volunteers busy going from one end of the exhibit to the other. When asked if they knew about Morgan County most would say no. When asked if they knew Historic Rugby or Brushy Mountain Prison most would say "sure." While the number of attendees was less it gave time to interact with those who came.

De Kirgan promoting all of Morgan County!

DeAnn Kirgan promoted the Irish Road Bowling on March 19. Information was shared on Hike MoCo, The Tennessee Mountain Laurel Festival, Lodging throughout the county, Brushy Mountain Prison, 62 Ale Trail and the new Morgan County brochures. And much more. While tiring it was rewarding to meet people and share the stories of the people and opportunities for recreation in Morgan County. Other MCTA volunteers helping were: Mark Keck, Linda Brooks Jones, Darrell and Shelia Walker and Jill-Jones Lazuka! We appreciate the time and effort these volunteers gave during the 2 day event!


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