2021  TN Mountain Laurel Marathon

Tennessee Mountain Laurel Hiking Marathon Begins


Springtime on the Cumberland Plateau is a very special time as Mother Nature transforms our beautiful county from winter mode to the resplendent colors of spring. Hike Moco stays busy all year long, but after frigid morning starts and hikes through bare trees and dead leaves, everyone gets very excited to see the emergence of the beautiful colorful spring flowers, especially the local favorite and namesake of our Spring Festival and Hiking Marathon, the mountain laurel. The Hiking Marathon gives hikers amazing opportunities to get out and rack up miles on the prescribed but self-paced trails selecte for their beauty, variety, and opportunities to view the amazing springtime floral displays. Sign up began March 13 and participants have eight weeks to get out and hike and track their miles until they meet or exceed their desired level, from half marathon, full marathon, 100-miler or try to hike ALL the trails. Whatever trails you select, you will not be disappointed.  

For more info on the marathon, please go to the TNMLF  website: tnmfl.com